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We are a team of avid football bettors who not only have a passion for wagering and winning but also for the game itself! If you are batty for football and betting, betting on football matches is a great way to make the game even more thrilling.

We’ve been in the game of sports betting for years and know exactly what to look for in any reputable UK footy betting site. We found that a lot of bettors out there didn’t have access to important information and insights, so we created Footy Odds to help them out.

On our site, you will find a wealth of information regarding all the latest football news and events, handy guides on the best odds and so much more. Stick with us and gain access to the UK’s very best football betting sites.

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We provide you with an unbiased view of all the very best footy betting sites out there. Our team tries and tests all the latest sites to ensure you can expect an exhilarating betting experience. If you are keen to grab some free bets, benefit from great odds and boost your bankroll, this is the place to be.

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We keep our finger on the pulse of all the latest footy news. Whether there are rumours of the latest team transfers or there’s breaking news on manager appointments, you’ll get it all right here. As passionate punters, we understand the importance of knowing exactly what is happening to ensure you can place informed bets. Keep in the know with Footy Odds.

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Trust Footy Odds with handy tips and tools on how to up the ante and place winning bets every time. On this site, we publish betting guides, tips on strategies and handy information on betting odds on a regular basis. These are but a few of the many benefits Footy Odds has to offer any passionate punter and football enthusiast out there.