After a breakthrough year, Kylian Mbappe has raised a lot of interest and eyebrows among keen buyers this season. The Monaco player has been approached by both Real Madrid and Manchester United to join either of them during the next season. Mbappe is only completing his first season with Monaco and is already on his way to the top.

He has been the subject of an incredible £95 million bid between Manchester and Monaco, but Monaco simply refused to let this young talent go—even at that price. Real Madrid did not lag in their pursuit of new transfers and is also considering Mbappe to up the ante for next season. There is, however, mention of Mbappe’s father denying any interest from Mbappe’s side to transfer shortly.

The 18-year old footy star has made quite an impression with major leagues and has scored an incredible 17 goals during his first season with Monaco. Speculators reckon Mbappe aims to use the opportunity to play for the World Cup as a means to showcase his talent to the world.

Even though a lot of clubs and teams are interested in getting Mbappe to join their ranks, the player’s contract with Monaco is said to end in 2019. This gives Mbappe plenty of opportunities and another season to prove his worth and showcase his skills on the field.

The young forward has already attracted the attention of Arsenal as well. Manchester United paid a staggering £89 million for Paul Pogba last summer. Until now, that transfer amount was the biggest yet. At first, it seemed as if Mourinho wanted to target Antoine Griezmann, but soon changed his mind when he saw Mbappe’s performance this season.

Madrid has yet to make an offer and is not easily put off by the rumours that Mbappe is set to stay on for another season with Monaco.